Fluffy Dragons is about my little private reptile collection and breeding. 


My reptile hold is based in Herning, Denmark. 

It's me that own Fluffy Dragons, but Mille klit Bendixen are often my 'voluntary helper', and we often attend in danish expos and sometimes bigger shows in europe (e.g. hamm) together. 

We both have the love for reptiles and have some different experience. We mainly specialize in new Caledonian gecko species, specially crested geckos, but also do a in other species. 


This website is mainly to show the availability of the animals I have for sale, and with time I hope to share some more information about the animals I keep. For now I have written a care sheet for crested geckos. 

If you're curious about my whole collection of reptiles, you can see more of my collection on facebook and instagram.

Fluffy Dragons is owned by me, Ida Marie Boi, since 2016.
I'm a small hobby breeder and reptile enthusiast.

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Facebook: Fluffy Dragons

Instagram: Fluffy.dragons

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