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Reptiles is my passion and hobby, not a business for me.

The animals that's gonna be up for graps, are offspring I choose not to keep, or breeders I consider no longer fits my breeding plans. All 'profits' go back to the animals, it helps a bit to keep the expenses (equipment, food, vet etc.).


In first place, I created this website to show the availability of the animals I occasionally have, since it's not a possibility on e.g. facebook. 

But my ambitions have developed, so with time, I hope my platform will contain miscellaneous info, guides etc about the animals I know something about. So I'll be sharing the experience I've gathered/gonna gather about the animals I keep with all of you. 


So far I have created and written a morph guide, care sheet and sexing guide for crested geckos. 

Fluffy Dragons is owned by me, Ida Marie Boi, since 2016.
I'm a small hobby breeder and reptile enthusiast.

Fluffy Dragons is about my little private reptile collection and breeding I have at home. 

My name is Ida Marie Boi, and I'm based in Herning, Denmark. On daily basis I work as an tattoo artist in Herning, which also is a big passion of mine. 

I have struggled with anxiety, depression and a autism diagnosis, but the animals has really given me some kind of 'safe space' and joy in both the good and bad times in my life. 

It's me by myself who have Fluffy Dragons, but my friend Mille klit Bendixen are often my 'voluntary helper' at expos. We often attend in danish expos together, sometimes bigger shows in europe (e.g. hamm, Houten), mostly as guess at those though. 

Mille also have her own fb site: Reptiles of Cosmos.

We both have the love for reptiles (generally basically all animals), and both have experience with various reptiles.

We mainly specialize in new Caledonian gecko species, specially crested geckos, but also do in other species. 

If you're curious about my whole collection of reptiles, you can see more of my collection on facebook and instagram.


Feel free to follow me on SoMe!

Facebook: Fluffy Dragons

Instagram: Fluffy.dragons

Check out our expo calendar to see which expos you can meet us/me!

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