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Terms and conditions 

When buying an animal, payment is trough mobilepay, bank transfer, paypal or cash. 

If you want to reserve an animal, I require a deposit at least 20% of the price, otherwise the animal/s won't be reserved for you. Deposit is nonrefundalble, if you regret or cancel. You need to pick up in 30 days after payed deposit, unless wee agree on something else. 

Rest of the payment is payed when you pick up. If shipped to hamm or USA, I need full payment before they leave from here.

No refunds for tail drops if this should happen before pick up. This rarely happen, but it's a natural thing that can happen, and the gecko won't loose it's value because of this. 

To reserve/buy an animal, please contact me, so we can plan the payment, pick up etc. 

I'm located in Herning (Denmark), so animals can always be chosen to be picked up here. I also attend most danish expos.

Sometimes I go to Hamm or Houten myself, but otherwise it's usually no problem to arrange shipping to Hamm or Houten with a courier.

Shipping to USA in conjunction with Hamm, can also be arranged with third part courier. I recommend Dutch dragon import. 

Shipping to Hamm is free if I'm going myself, but otherwise buyer cover shipping expenses, this also include when shipping to USA.

Go to expo calendar to see which I attend myself.

I expect that you as a buyer, have done the research for the right care of the animal, before buying. I'm of course always here, if you have any questions or need help. 

I require that you're at least 18 years old, or have parental permission, to buy an animal from me. 

Payments plans

Payment plans are possible on animals priced over 1500 dkk. 

Although you can always split the payment in two, no matter amount, since you can start with just paying deposit to reserve, and then the rest when getting the animal. 

The animal/s can’t be picked up before full payment. If the payment plan last over 1 months, it cost 50 dkk extra for each month staying here, since I use space and food on them. 

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