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Frequently Asked Questions

Is payment plan possible?

Yes. Payment plans are possible on animals priced over 1500 dkk. 

Although you can always split the payment in two, no matter amount, since you can start with just paying deposit to reserve and then the rest when getting the animal. 

The animal/s can’t be picked up before full payment. If the payment plan are over 2 months, it cost 50 dkk for each month staying here since I use space and food on them. 


Can you ship to hamm terraristik? 

Mostly I have possibility to bring to hamm, either by I’m going myself or sending the animal with a friend who’s going. 

The buyer cover shipping expenses, but it’s free if I’m going myself. 


Is shipping to US available?

Shipping to US is possible though third part courier. I recommend Dutch Dragon Import. It then need to go from me - Hamm - third part courier - US. 

The buyer cover shipping expenses, but the shipping to hamm is free if I’m going myself. 


If you have other questions, please contact me

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